SMS – Smart Made Simple Ends Their Financial Year Positively

Despite many challenging factors that the electronics manufacturing industry is facing in the U.K. at present, SMS – Smart Made Simple, is pleased to report that it has increased its turnover by 30% in the last 12 months.

Challenges such as Brexit, fluctuating exchange rates and extended lead-time pressures are present within the electronic manufacturing industry in the U.K. today.  These economic, political and technological trials were predicted to shake the U.K. manufacturing industry, but in spite of these factors, SMS has witnessed growth.

Craig Taylor, Chief Financial Officer, SMS, states; “we have outperformed 2016. As we look at 2017, turnover is up 30%, orders are up 20% and our development centre alone has increased by over 20%.

In June 2017, we invested heavily in new technology to support our customer’s developmental needs.  We purchased a new Mycronic MY600 Jet Printer and the Mycronic MY200SX Placement for state-of-the-art development.  Through these investments, we have been able to address and close the gap between technology advancements and our capability.

The most exciting consequence of our investment, however, is one that the management within SMS did not predict.  We purchased the equipment to support our current customers, who have increased their demand to develop with speed and precision.  We didn’t however, forecast the volume of new opportunities that this investment would open SMS up to.

The request for rapid New Product Introduction (NPI) with varying capacity requirements has enlarged our order book considerably. We are delighted to be seen as the electronics manufacturing service provider (EMS) who can service this niche market in the U.K.  The fluctuation spikes and variances in the design layout mean that only an experienced EMS provider, who is flexible enough to be able to adapt their operating system, can cope with the small batch size orders, which are highly complex in nature.

This is not a build-to-print business, it is a specialist service that we offer.  It requires high-end, cutting-edge technology and an investment into training and developing people.  Our technology and our team need to be able to demand-plan and fulfil orders as per our customer’s schedule, which is often driven by their customers’ orders.  This is why we help our original equipment maker (OEM) customers to design for manufacture (DFM), design for test (DFT), design for cost (DFC) and design for commercialisation, to speed up the process for them, as innovation has increased the request for speed.

As we look towards the next financial year, we have set our target growth rate and the indicators signpost to growth that’s above the national average.  Anticipated growth is predicted to be driven by a combination of increased demand from customers, diversification and entry into new markets, both domestically and overseas.  Education and training also remain a key area of investment for SMS as part of our commitment to helping the next generation prosper.”


About SMS

SMS is the U.K.’s leading Manufacturing Service Provider.

From concept to creation, to commercialisation, to customer, for all technology companies. Whether you are a start-up, or an established household brand name, if you have a design, engineering, manufacturing or supply chain problem, thanks to the diversity of our experience and scalable service, SMS has the solution.

Since 1920, SMS has manufactured electronics products from the same home in Nottingham, U.K. For almost 100 years, we have been the company behind the ideas, offering agile and adaptive supply chain solutions, that bring products to market faster, smarter and simpler.

Leader in the specialist low volume, highly complex manufacturing services market space, SMS has earned critical industry facility certifications, that brings full viability and credibility to the aerospace & defence, communications, industrial and medical markets. SMS brings the right scale, capabilities and competitive solutions to customers needing high-reliability attention, product realisation and supply chain optimisation.

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