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For companies looking into a new cleaning process, ZESTRON offers a unique service in the industry. Interested customers can answer five questions at, and ZESTRON quickly reduces the wide market selection of over 60 cleaning machines down to just a few relevant cleaning systems based on the individual requirements of the customers.

On site at the Technical Center in Ingolstadt, customers can compare and evaluate their selection under real operating conditions. Within one day, customers can assess the performance of their cleaning machine choice in combination with their electronics boards, DCBs or SMT stencils and appropriate cleaning chemicals. The customer is supported by a ZESTRON process engineer. Immediately following the cleaning process, a cleanliness analysis is performed by using high-resolution analytical methods in the adjacent Analytical Center.

Based on the evaluation, a written process guarantee including the recommended machine- and cleaner combination ensures the customer’s investment decision.

Different cleaning machines can be compared at the Technical Center in Ingolstadt


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